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Apply for a new UK AMATEUR BEACON (includes BEACON Site Changes)
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Report a Change of Operational STATUS (use also for 2nd-NoV applications)
Send a short message to an ETCC member
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Apply to RENEW your NOV when applicable
Request a coverage prediction map (not for Gateways)
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UPDATE non-NoV details, e.g. Closedown Ops, email or group web link
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Please complete all the boxes in the form below for your map request.

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NOTE:The most common fault/error we receive is heights quoted above SEA level.
The form asks for height above GROUND level.
To avoid delays now and later please double check this NOW!
Note also height to be entered in Metres NOT Feet!
Power Levels:
TX Output Power  Watts at the TX output socket.
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Frequency: MHz (or just give band if unknown channel)  (required)
NOTE: We will attempt to send you the map by email using the email address you have provided above.
So please make sure it is correct!
Please note that the production of maps does not imply that the RSGB Emerging Technology Co-ordination Committee endorses any repeater or node at that site.

To make any subsequent application please use the online application found on this site, and/or contact your ETCC regional or specialist member, details can be found by clicking here.
 Fields marked (required) MUST be completed. Your e-mail address should be given in case we need to reply.
If notifying a repeater outage please go to STATUS REPORTING instead.  
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