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The form below can be used to create a new application.

Apply for a new Repeater, Gateway or Packet NoV
Apply for a new UK AMATEUR BEACON (includes BEACON Site Changes)
Use your Secure Access Code for continuing VETTING (all types)
Report a Change of Operational STATUS (use also for 2nd-NoV applications)
Send a short message to an ETCC member
Send us a NEWS item for publication
Apply to RENEW your NOV when applicable
Request a coverage prediction map (not for Gateways)
Apply for your Secure Access Code (Licence copy will be required)
Apply for a Change of KEEPER (by existing Keeeper)
UPDATE non-NoV details, e.g. Closedown Ops, email or group web link
Use your Secure Access Code to part-populate a new application form
Now complete the application form below, answering all questions.

Callsign checker (for new callsign allocations)

 [For existing repeaters, for example a Site or Mode Change, you can ignore this checker]

Security Ident Generator

Section 1 - The Applicant/Keeper

1.1 Your Name:N   *    1.2 Your Callsign:  *
1.3 Address: 
1.4 Town/County:      1.5 Postcode: 
Phone Numbers: 1.6 Principal contact (mobile):   *
1.7 Alternative (landline): 
1.8 E-mail address:  *
1.9 Optional Web address:

please omit http://

1.10 Ofcom Licence:  * 

(likely be in format similar to 1-8543-123456)

Section 2 - Service

2.1 Requested Callsign:
   NOTE: For RF INTERNET REPEATER LINK enter the REPEATER callsign here.

2.2 ETCC Region: 

  If unsure check details here (opens a separate page)

2.3 Type Code:   *
2.4 Modes Required:

(none of above)
DV P25

* Please note that ANALOGUE VOICE repeat is not permitted on the 9MHz (439/430MHz DV channels)

2.5 DMR Network:   

(for DMR only)


(Select colour code if using DMR)

2.7 CTCSS:   

(Select CTCSS code for analogue mode if applicable)

2.8 Use (Packet only)
2.9 Reason:  *
2.10 Band:    *

(Currently there are very long delays for applications on 4M or 23CM)

2.11 Channel:

Please note that the ETCC will allocate a channel based on the band you have selected above and the availability of channels/spectrum appropriate to your application.
Please note that for frequencies in secondary use amateur bands (such as 70cm) we will seek frequency clearance from the primary user/s on your behalf.

2.12 TX (TV and non std):  MHz 

(If you have a preferred frequency you can enter it here)

2.13 RX (TV and non std):  MHz 

(Note that frequencies will be allocated by the RSGB)

2.14 alt.RX Frequency:  MHz
2.15 Channel Bandwidth:  kHz  

[TX] (e.g. for 2 Metres analogue enter 12.5)

Section 3 - The Site

3.1 Describe Site:
  km  *  3.2  of 3.3 (town)     * 

(within 6km)


You can use Grid Reference Finder to check NGR and grid references (separate window)

3.4 NGR:
  *  or Irish Grid   

(NB: Minimum 3+3 digits, e.g. TQ123987)

For RF INTERNET LINK the NGR and other site details should be for your station, NOT the repeater.

 3.5 Latitude   3.6 Longitude 

Use decimal format, e.g 55.12346,-2.98754 (West of Greenwich is "-")

3.7 Previous site (NGR):   

NGR of current/prev site for SITE CHANGES

3.8 IARU Locator:  
3.9 Site Address:  different (enter below)     same as applicant (now goto 3.13 Base of mast)

3.10 Site Name/Address: 
3.11 Town/County: 
3.12 Site Postcode: 

3.13 Base of Mast (asl):  Metres  *  

(This will be equivalent to pavement/field level NOT roof level)

3.14 Mast Owner: 
3.15 Is site shared? Yes     No        3.14 If Yes, list:  

Section 4 - Equipment

4.1 Transmitter type:  

include Make/Model

4.2 Receiver type:  

(for repeaters)

4.3 Baud Rate:   

(PACKET only)

4.4 Port usage:   

(PACKET only)

Power Levels:

 4.5 Transmitter Antenna Type:  *
4.6 Antenna Gain:  dBd  *  

(Quote dBd NOT dBi -check spec sheet!)

4.7 Height agl:  Metres  * 

(This is the height above GROUND level, NOT sea level!)

4.8 Transmitter Power Output (Watts):  *  Watts
4.9 Losses in System:  dB  *  

(Includes feeder and duplexer losses)

  (Click | Check | Adjust)

Please note that Voice Repeaters will not be licensable above 25W (14dBW)

4.10 Receive Antenna:  different (enter below)     same as TX (now goto Direction)
RX if different: 4.11 Type:    4.12 Gain:  dBd    4.13 Height agl:  M
4.14 Direction:    

If not OMNI enter degrees ETN

4.15 Polarisation:  Vertical     Horizontal
4.16 Elevation:  degrees  

 If not 0, enter tilt applied

Section 5 - Closedown Details

Note: For RF INTERNET REPEATER LINK the closedown details refer to your station, NOT that of the linked repeater.
All Ofcom NoV documents from 2014 have a requirement that closedown operator details are updated and valid.
For ATTENDED gateways please put N/A in closedown operator fields in order for form to send.

5.1 Access: * 

Describe briefly access to the site. Include how Closedown Ops will get to site.

5.2 OnSite: * 

Describe where repeater is located on site.

5.3 Disabled: * 

How is repeater disabled?

5.4 Person to Repower: *

WHO will re-power the station?

NOTE: Normally this will be the NoV holder. The Keeper can delegate the actual action of re-powering the station to one of the others, but responsibility to do it should be with the named person.

Operator 1:
  Closedown Operator 1 must be the Keeper/Applicant

(Confirm for the Keeper the time to carry out closedown)

5.5 Expected time for Keeper to close down station from home: 
5.6 Estimate of time to close down station if not from home: 

Operator 2
  5.7 Full name:  *     5.8 Callsign: 
5.9 Mobile:      5.10 Alternative Number: 
5.11 Home town of cdo#2: 
5.12 Expected time for cdo#2 to close down station if from home: 
5.13 Estimated time cdo#2 to close down if not from home: 

Operator 3
  5.14 Full name:  *     5.15 Callsign: 
5.16 Mobile:      5.17 Alternative Number: 
5.18 Home town of cdo#3: 
5.19 Expected time for cdo#3 to close down station if from home: 
5.20 Estimated time cdo#3 to close down if not from home: 

Operator 4
  5.21 Full name:  *     5.22 Callsign: 
5.23 Mobile:      5.24 Alternative Number: 
5.25 Home town of cdo#4: 
5.26 Expected time for cdo#4 to close down station if from home: 
5.27 Estimated time cdo#4 to close down if not from home: 

5.28 Remote Closedown:   

(Remote closedown is compulsory)

5.29 Alternative:   

(Any alternative remote method)

Section 6 - Additional Data

A coverage prediction map (for repeaters only) is prepared by the ETCC.

You should attach any maps you may have already received or prepared yourself.

6.1 coverage description:
6.2 Support Message:

(may be published)

6.3 Private Message:

(seen by ETCC agents only)

The following may be required to support your application.
A facility to send up to 2 documents with this application (max.size 4MB) is available below
and can be used to send items required.
6.4 You must have 3rd Party insurance liability cover.
 accept     do not accept

(Note: It is the Keeper's responsibility to ensure that this is available)

6.5 Copy of Keeper's Licence Document (if not already sent -required to prove eligibility)
 copy attached     not attached 

(Note: It would help if it were in the format  G3XYZ.pdf  if your callsign was G3XYZ)

6.6 Your Licence copy please:   

(to demonstrate amateur status)

(Click here for some screenshots taken from the Ofcom Licensing web pages should you need help with this)
6.7 Anything else:   


(max.file size 4MB total)


Section 7 - Data Security

** Please note that 7.1 and 7.2 are mandatory response boxes! **
Please click here to read about our privacy and data protection policies.
  • 7.1 Please indicate your agreement to the collection of information.
    Even if you previously agreed, this must be re-confirmed under current data protection rules.
  • 7.2 Please indicate your agreement to showing site detail and any associated coverage map. 

NOTE: Choosing site privacy (RESTRICT) will mean the following:

  1. We will not display a detailed coverage prediction map for your station.
  2. Your site Grid Reference will be truncated in lists.
  3. We will not provide links to mapping which show the repeater site.
  4. Your site will not appear in lists used by equipment suppliers for programming.
If you have previously agreed to us displaying accurate locations, you may change your mind at any time by contacting us from the ukrepeaters website.

Click here to view the RSGB ETCC Privacy policy document.


Before we finish, please take a note of the unique secure access code for this application which will allow you to make changes during vetting, then subsequently to make changes to parameters that would not affect the licence footprint.

Finally, check you have answered ALL questions, not forgetting the potential show-stopper if you fail to respond to the two data security questions in Section 7 above!


Just once only please, and good luck with your application!        N

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